View Full Version : Alpha Centauri planet designations

2015-Nov-29, 12:31 PM
Alpha Centauri B was alleged to have a planet on a 3 day orbit, by radial velocity. As a first discovered planet, it naturally was Alpha Centauri Bb.
That 3 day Bb has since been alleged to be an observational error.
Same Alpha Centauri B has also been alleged to have been eclipsed by a planet different from the one alleged to be on a 3 day orbit.
What is the designation of the said eclipsing planet?
Is it Bc, because Bb had been alleged to exist already?
Or was the designation of Bb free because the 3 day allegation was in error, and therefore the next planet to be alleged to exist was the first to be discovered, and therefore Bb?

Ken G
2015-Nov-29, 04:28 PM
Good question. I'm for erasing the historical error and re-using Bb, but I don't know the official approach. I feel that we drag around too many historical errors in astronomical nomenclature as it is.