View Full Version : Nice little animation to show heliocentricity

2015-Dec-03, 04:27 PM

2015-Dec-03, 06:37 PM
I've seen that video, and an extended version of it before and I have some serious doubts about it. Just as presented, I'm not sure that is really an accurate representation of the movement of the sun and planets. For example, are the relative speeds of the planets around the sun and the sun through the galaxy correct. I'd like to some real analysis of this.

But what really makes me suspicious is if you look at the longer version of the video and his other videos. He makes a big deal about geometry and interconnections and gets into a lot of spiritual stuff that would be ATM if presented on CQ.

2015-Dec-04, 09:28 AM
Cheers Swift, I didn't realise that. Must admit I've not looked deeper into his work, Just thought it was a nice visualisation.