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2015-Dec-18, 06:58 AM
Old timers might know his site, Jeff ran a blog space politics. It focused directly on space issues and not all of the silly mud slinging that happens in elections season. I have not see anything replace his blog, he closed it in 2014 and know he writes on other sites like SpaceNews. I was wonder does any other blog or cover what he used to do? Congress passing NASA laws, Senate discussing exploration, the politics in ESA, the politics of Russian launches, the Japanese impact and Japan percentage of economy going to space exploration, the private sector....Jeff once covered the politics of it all, in perhaps the most accurate non-partisan way you can cover it.

Is there any other website covering the politics of space exploration?


2015-Dec-20, 10:21 PM
www.thespacereview.com puts out a lot of his writing.
Political history: http://spaceflighthistory.blogspot.com/

But you probably know about Cowing's NASAWATCH and nasaspaceflight.com

A big grain of salt needed with Cowing and Jim--who was banned here. He put down Space News--which is probably the best overall source for you.

In terms of space history--there is Wade--and Scott Lowther's up-ship

Take a look at the PDF here: http://up-ship.com/blog/?p=29654

Some quotes I found of interest:

"The Allied officers were...skeptical of manned space flight"

MOL could generate additional meaningful payloads for Titan III (page 85)

And SLS critics talk about make-work payloads...

Saturn IB could have launched MOL with a wider diameter (read mirror) one would think.

"It would be a great coup should Apollo/Saturn be selected for the MOL program" (page 109)

The MOL-Apollo task team quickly noted that not all information...was made available--(page 110)

The P-15 was withheld, nixing the MOL-Apollo effort (top of page 111)

The fix was in.