View Full Version : Comet Passes Near Big Dipper Star - January 14-15

2016-Jan-05, 04:11 PM
The magnitude +7.1 comet C/2013 US 10 Catalina will appear to pass 1.2 from the magnitude +1.85 star Alkaid (end of Big Dipper handle) during the night of 2016 JAN 14-15. Their closest angular separation will occur on JAN 15 at 04:39 UT (JAN 14 at 22:39 CST). That will be at nighttime with the comet and star above the horizon for both Europe and the Americas.

Ive created several preview graphics and an ephemeris. They can be viewed on my comets webpage: www.CurtRenz.com/comets.html

Photos and descriptions of the comet would be welcome additions to this thread.