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2005-Feb-03, 01:10 AM

Now *PLEASE* don't anybody take this seriously! While not offered (by the linked source) as a joke - it's industrial-strength BULL all the same! As is clearly obvious by dint of common sense alone! --- To say nothing of technical and procedural objections...

To bad! - Macroscopic interstellar flotsam, should any ever come our way (but defining a 'friendly' trajectory, of course), would be highly interesting! :D


jami cat
2005-Feb-03, 03:09 AM
...Many of these Asteroids sometimes come from other solar systems and even other "Galaxies"...???
How do these Asteroids attain the excape velocity of the galatic gravitational forces, then the expansion of space between Galaxies, to be happlessly caught in the grips between Mars and Jupiter, forever looming doom towards "wee bitty" Terra Firma?

2005-Feb-03, 02:28 PM
According to some computer models an early indication is given that an asteroid is headed towards the earth that may crush on earth’s surface in the year 2070 or earlier.

The data received is vague and is yet to be confirmed but the size and shape of the series of asteroids coming earth’s way is very scary.
Of course, if the date is vague, the path has to be even more vague.

The India Daily has become (has always been?) a source of unbelievable nonsense, quoted many times before in these threads.

2005-Feb-03, 03:00 PM
But IndiaDaily also told about the indian government plotting with the ET's and finally coming out with ....dramatic pause....THE TRUTH.

I, for myself, welcome our new extraterrestial overlords.


2005-Feb-03, 03:23 PM
The India Daily has become (has always been?) a source of unbelievable nonsense, quoted many times before in these threads.

I guess it's part of indian culture which has its own kind of woo-wooism, distinct from the manic american pop cultural style. India's traditional pandemonium of gods and holinesses is so ubiquitous that believing in looming large clusters of interstellar flotsam seems rather straight in contrast.

8) But we don't have to worry, this time a handsome Bollywood Maharaja prince will go to space instead of Bruce Willis and save us with an original indian "Smiling Buddha". After the asteroid and some antagonists in english colonial uniforms had been defeated the prince will have a spectacular wedding in the end!

2005-Feb-03, 04:44 PM
Yeesh, boost a pic from an astronomy website, mix in minor hype and some randomly generated astronomy jargon taken totally out of context and publish...

Cripes, even the Weekly World News is outsourcing to India!!!