View Full Version : Space suit minimulist or minispace ship.

2005-Feb-04, 08:42 AM
Will space suits follow their current trends of huge size and bulk or will they emphasis switch to comfortable wear all the time suits.

Any spacesuit must sustain a wearer in space. But will its function stop there or will the spacesuit become a one-person space ship with thrusters, navigation, and weapons parked in the garage or a Tin of 10,000 spf spacesuit cream in the medicine cabinet.

Maybe you thing Iron Man functionality will come in a skin tight long underwear suit.

2005-Feb-04, 01:40 PM
I suspect that ultimately the answer will be both. There will be a variety of styles of spacesuits dependent upon what you are doing. Spacesuited construction workers and soldiers would not wear the same spacesuit as a tourist walking around on the surface of Mars.

We will know that we have truely civilized space, when fashion considerations become important (get the green suit, it matches your eyes!).