View Full Version : Table of Sunrises and Sunsets on Lunar Craters & Features

2016-Mar-06, 04:44 PM
Iíve created a table of sunrises and sunsets on various lunar rayed craters, the Lunar X and the Curtiss Cross as the terminator sweeps across them during the upcoming lunar month.

The unusual lighting effects created by the Sun rising on the Lunar X or setting on the Curtiss Cross should generally be visible for a couple of hours on either side of the posted timings.

Those timings are perfectly good worldwide, although they are posted in North American Central Time. CST is UT-6 and CDT is UT-5. The posted altitudes of the Moon and Sun are ideally for observers at Chicagoís Adler Planetarium, although they would remain rather accurate throughout Chicagoland. Those altitudes provide general hints for other North American observers as to whether the Moon is above the horizon or the Sun beneath it at the time of an event.

The table is available on my Moon webpage and will be updated every month: www.CurtRenz.com/moon.html