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grant hutchison
2016-May-03, 06:07 PM
(Magzter (http://www.magzter.com/) is an online digital magazine service.)
Anyone here running a Magzter app on a Windows PC?
I just blew a couple of quid with them, on a back-issue of a magazine I particularly wanted to look at.
Bit of hassle accessing the content, since Firefox (my usual browser) doesn't seem to want to play with Magzter, but I'm now looking at it online with Chrome.

A few websites mention a Magzter PC app that keeps your content locally - but it isn't mentioned on Magzter's website, it seems to have had terrible reviews when it existed, and it doesn't show up in the Windows App store (though I suppose that might be because I refuse to have a Microsoft account). So I'm wondering if anyone knows anything more about it.

Grant Hutchison

grant hutchison
2016-May-04, 11:45 PM
Well ... obviously not as common a phenomenon as I thought it was. The Young People I know always seem to be flicking around in Magzter on their mobile devices.

Anyway, for once in my life a support person offered an online chat just when I needed one. She was interestingly cagey about the Windows Magzter app, at first just saying Windows wasn't supported and I needed to download the app for an Android or Apple device. When I pointed out that the Windows 8 app had not only been discussed by computer magazines, but had been reviewed by users on various download sites, she added that it had been withdrawn and that their techs were going to roll out a new version RSN.
It certainly got very bad reviews when it existed, but I wonder if the withdrawal may have had something to do with the well-publicized hack (http://www.guidingtech.com/42535/pdf-magzter-magazines/) that let you extract a pdf from the local files.

And meanwhile they think it's good business to limit their subscribers to ten online accesses before the website locks them out and tells them to download an app. I suppose they just can't cope with the traffic a bunch of Windows users would generate.
Just as well there are ways of building a pdf even without local files to play with.

Grant Hutchison