View Full Version : Lunar X - Eve May 13

2016-May-12, 07:43 PM
During the evening of Friday, May 13th the “Lunar X” formation should appear on the terminator of the waxing Half Moon, which will have recently entered the second quarter of the current lunation. The Lunar X forms as sunrise occurs on the rims of three clustered craters: Blanchinus, La Caille & Purbach. The appearance which could last around four hours should be centered near 21:51 CDT (02:51 UT). This will be during the evening with the Moon above the horizon for much of North America; combined circumstances that occur for only about a quarter of the lunar months.

For my monthly timetable of the lunar terminator crossing various craters and features, please visit my Moon webpage: www.CurtRenz.com/moon.html

Photos and descriptions of the Lunar X would be welcome additions to this thread.