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2005-Feb-08, 06:16 PM
spaceweather.com (http://www.spaceweather.com/)

CHINESE NEW YEAR: The moon is new today at 22:28 GMT (2:28 PST). Because this is the second new moon since the winter solstice (Dec. 21st), it marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year. According to the Chinese calendar, 2005 is the year of the rooster.

Are you a Rooster? (http://www.c-c-c.org/chineseculture/zodiac/Rooster.htm)

2005-Feb-08, 06:43 PM
Happy year of the alarm clock, I mean Rooster. May all roosters have a good one. May they let us non roosters sleep past dawn. :wink: edit: I'm a snake.

2005-Feb-08, 06:52 PM
Well, I'm a 'Pig' so I just grunt at the alarm clock :lol:

2005-Feb-08, 07:59 PM
Goldurn Chinese New Year, ::grumble, grumble::

Sorry, my trip to China was delayed partly because of CNY.

I really don't mind, though! Happy New Year, Jasper! We're coming, sweetie! :D

(BTW, I'm a Monkey - in the Chinese zodiac, that is.)

2005-Feb-08, 08:31 PM
I'm a dog (no jokes now :wink: )

People born in the Year of the Dog possess the best traits of human nature.
Gee, guess the other 11/12th of humanity got the worst ones. :P

. . . . But Dog People are somewhat selfish, terribly stubborn, and eccentric.
How are these the 'best traits'? :-?

They care little for wealth, yet somehow always seem to have money.
I'm glad to hear everyone born in the same year as I was are not poor. :roll:

They can be cold emotionally and sometimes distant at parties. They can find fault with many things and are noted for their sharp tongues. Dog people make good leaders.
These two sentences really seem to go together. And look, lots more 'best traits' like emotionally cold. :roll: :roll:

Remind me again why lots of people buy into astrology?

2005-Feb-08, 09:21 PM
spaceweather.com (http://www.spaceweather.com/)

The Year Of The Rooster

1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005

This is not strict enough to say one borns in 2005 is a rooster. If one born before 2005-Feb-08 15:00 UTC, or 2005-Feb-08 23:00 CST, he/she is not a rooster, he/she should be a monkey.

Also, if one borns in 2006, but before 2006-Jan-28 15:00 UTC (23:00 CST), he/she will be still a rooster.

2005-Feb-08, 10:11 PM
Thanks for the clarification yaohua2000 And a very happy New Year when it comes.

2005-Feb-09, 03:19 AM
right--I always have to reread Chinese year-of-the charts, because I know my mom's a sheep, but--oh, yeah! January 4 is DEFINITELY before the New Year of the Chinese calendar.

I'm a Dragon, m'self.

2005-Feb-09, 09:45 AM
Have a good one yaohua2000 and all our other Chinese posters.