View Full Version : Almost there, my take on Species 3

2005-Feb-08, 10:01 PM
Unreal as it may seem, they went back for a third go round. After a REALLY bad start, I had almost written it off as a final nose dive into B-movie oblivion when it introduced the plot twist that kept me in it till the end. (Note: this is Species, any applicable warnings concerning the skin factor should be considered issued, its a notch higher than 1 or 2.)

I remember back when the sequel was first being considered that there were two scripts up for grabs. One was a formulaic run of the mill, lets-redo-the-same-thing-as-the-first-one money grabber (which was regrettably what they used), the other was a deeper look at the Species milieu as the hybrids gained a foothold. Looks like they picked the alternate as the basis for #3. The movie itself evolved through about 4 major iterations of style as it progressed and the scope and nature of the hybrid's spread became more revealed, but managed to stay fairly consistent to the underlying theme as it went. The real credit here has to be given where its due, the concept was finally, even if weak in execution, original.

I guarantee, like the others, you'll pick apart a good chunk of the science in the movie with half an effort (just as easily as with the others), even I was rolling my eyes every so often, but just to see something different (with no lame attempt to lead off into another sequel) was a nice change of pace. A decent script polisher and another 15 million in the budget would have done wonders. As is, the quality of production had about the same character as the recent Twilight Zone episodes had.