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clever dicky
2005-Feb-09, 12:19 PM
Hi all, new to this forum. :D and pleased to be here.

I've been trawling round the web to find 'ideas' of how to go about creating a big mibile display but unsuccessful so far.
The display I want to try and achieve will somehow be a cross between the elements display (cgi graphics) from sg1's torment of tantalus episode and the balls (the source) displayed in the London stock exchange.
My display will of course be real balls etc but I would like to very much produce something as close as possible to the elements in sg1. Does anything like this already exist anywhere? I'd be surprised if it didnt.

The reason is, I work in a large science building 'technology institute' that has a triangular and very boring foyer. I've had a word with a couple of the bosses and they like the idea...its just doing it.

Any suggestions / ideas ? Any and all considered

The foyer is about 40 feet + from floor to ceiling and a workable dia for use in a display of around 8 - 12 feet.

I don't have a budget, well I was told jokingly 50 quid, but I know a good glass company that can work miracles, and am considering using merged glass balls (for the multi proton ones) possible with a uv reactive paint on the inside to give illumination / colour from uv lamps / sunlight but undecided if / how to have them going up down the wires. If they are small enough about the size of a small football, I might get about 10 to a wire.

Many thanks

2005-Feb-09, 12:45 PM
Hmmm... Glass is heavy and might be a safety issue in a public foyer. Polycarbonate would be better.

Can't visualise exactly what you are trying to reproduce, do you have any links?

BTW, Welcome to the board.

clever dicky
2005-Feb-09, 01:07 PM
well I suppose any model of a proton is subjective and open for interpretation, but I guess how they would normally be visualised.

Christ only knows what the proper names would be I can only imagine embryonic shapes like rasberries whose 'bumps' roughly correspond with suggested electrons whizing round :o

2005-Feb-09, 04:46 PM
I'm also having trouble picturing it and I'm not sure I know which SG1 episode you are talking about.

Around the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History, IIRC they have hanging from the ceiling models of various fundamental molecules that exist around the universe. I think I have a photo I took of some, I see if I can dig it out and post it.

clever dicky
2005-Feb-09, 05:06 PM
Its the one where Daniel Jackson realises they got the thing working years ago and had sent some guy thru, When they get there (at a ruin of an old castle) this now old guy is still there. He shows them this device that showers them in hologram images of atoms. etc etc.

Be cool if there is a pic of something already done. Thought there must be something like it around.

Been chatting to the glass guy who I know, who nearly had kittens when I told him. He thinks its not tooo dificult by blowing a hot section on a glass ball.......... I know I wouldnt fancy it.