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2016-Jun-02, 07:35 AM
Hi all,

First of all, let me apologize if this thread is not in the right group (I'm quite new here, but since my topic is an educational application, I thought it would fit here better than in the general "apps" section).

So, not too long ago, I released an application about Mars Exploration. It is a comprehensive timeline app for iOS, encompassing all the missions ever sent to the Red Planet in a handy, easy to navigate format.

You can download it here (it is free and has no ads!): https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mars-timeline/id1039647462?mt=8 (Android version is in the planning phase).

Most of the information comes from official NASA sources, occasionally extended by Wikipedia and other sources (but always carefully cross referenced for accuracy). That said, the included information is quite extensive and certainly not perfect. Yet, accuracy is the utmost importance to me because, over time, I would like if the app could become the premier source for Mars exploration. So, if any of you in this forum feel even remotely knowledgeable about the topic, I wouldn't mind receiving some feedback regarding the content. No matter how tiny an error you find, I would like to hear about it so I can correct it. Also, and this goes without saying, if you have any other insights, I welcome those as well. I am always looking constructive criticism.

Thanks a bunch in advance!
- Rince