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2016-Sep-01, 04:11 AM
Four years after a nail biting touchdown on the Red Planet, NASA’s SUV-sized Curiosity rover is at last nearing the long strived for “Murray Buttes” formation on the lower reaches of Mount Sharp.
This is a key milestone for the Curiosity mission because the "Murray Buttes" are the entry way along Curiosity's planned route up lower Mount Sharp.
Ascending Mount Sharp is the primary goal of the mission.
The area features eroded mesas and buttes that are reminiscent of the U.S. Southwest.
So the team directed the rover to capture a 360-degree color panorama using the robots mast mounted Mastcam camera earlier this month on Aug. 5.
The full panorama shown above combines more than 130 images taken by Curiosity on Aug. 5, 2016, during the afternoon of Sol 1421st by the Mastcam's left-eye camera.
Coincidentally, Aug. 5 also marks the fourth anniversary of the six wheel rovers landing on the Red Planet via the unprecedented Sky Crane maneuver.
You can explore this spectacular Mars panorama via this specially produced 360-degree panorama from JPL by moving the view with your mouse or mobile device.
https://youtu.be/UUweNrpFTwA?list=PLTiv_XWHnOZqsp7on1ErHOTweF5eHzOT t
Video Caption: This 360-degree panorama was acquired on Aug. 5, 2016, by the Mastcam on NASA's Curiosity Mars rover as the rover neared features called "Murray Buttes" on lower Mount Sharp. The dark, flat-topped mesa seen to the left of the rover's arm is about 50 feet (about 15 meters) high and, near the top, about 200 feet (about 60 meters) wide.
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