View Full Version : Are We Living in a Simulation?

2016-Sep-09, 04:00 AM
Elon Musk blew our minds when he suggested that its highly likely were all living in a computer simulation. Seriously? Why would he think this, and how could we tell if its true?
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2016-Sep-09, 05:15 AM
Yes, we are. This board started when the simulation program crashed, and the vbulletin code was found in the core dump.

2016-Sep-09, 09:48 AM
I took my VR goggles off once....it's not a pretty sight.

2016-Sep-10, 01:38 PM
If this is all a simulation, do beer googles make people look better or do we just think people look better?

2016-Sep-10, 04:32 PM
Shh! Don't let the Basilisk hear you

2016-Sep-12, 07:39 PM
Other fascinating question: does anything really happen, unless Elon Musk mentions it?

Okay, a disclaimer: I find EM (or rather, the hype surrounding him and his ventures) highly irritating. Also, watched Mr Bostrom some years ago on BBC`s Horizon (if I recall correctly) presenting this idea and quite liked it ever since. Though, as per usual, you could say that those running the sim also live in one, of even more advanced variety.