View Full Version : Gyroptere - almost a UFO

2005-Feb-12, 11:30 AM
The Gyroptere (http://home.att.net/~dannysoar2/Whirlygig.htm). This has got to be the most bizarre "flying machine" ever built. In 1914? Did it fly? I don't think so. Interesting British website however.

"Gyroptere"? "Charibdi"? "McCutchen Machines"? "Papin et Rouilly"? Beats me! But there are old photos below the drawing on the page linked above, and more pictures linked from the page linked above. :-?

2005-Feb-13, 01:26 AM
As a follow-up to the previous post, here's a French website that also describes the Gyroptere (http://modelbox.free.fr/photoscopes/Papin_Phot/index.html). This one has pictures of the attempted 1914 flight on a lake. If you read French - the captions have a bit of humor. The photo showing the craft in the water basically says the flight "succeeded in distrubing the water more than the air", (i.e. it failed to fly.)

This is a pretty weird contraption coming along 11 years after the Wright Brothers. The designers realized that they couldn't get enough wing rotation vs. the weight. (If only they had carbon fiber material then.) Then again, if they got in the air, how would it be controlled?) :o

Oh well - just a post for fun and curiousity. No need for a thread or comments. :wink: