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2002-Jul-05, 04:39 AM
I get into an arguement on another board about what Hubble can and cannot do. My Nemesis claims that detailed photos could be taken of comets flying through the inner solar system. I tried the calcs myself and came up with(for Hale-Bopp) that the smallest resolution that Hubble could get at the closest Hale-Bopp came was about the same as the diameter of the core(25Km+/-)
So a "detailed" photo would not be possible, right?
Anyone else confirm that for me.

I am a newbie here. The other site I frequent is dedicated to ufo's and conspiracy theories and I am sometimes the lone skeptic.

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2002-Jul-05, 01:35 PM
Here're some Hubble views of comets:

Lots of details to my eyes, but probably not what your "Nemesis" would consider detailed. I help out in a telescope store and get three kinds of customers:
1 - Those that know the difference between earth based, amateur, Hubble, and the robotic spaceship telescopes.
2 - Those that think a little 3" scope will show them the same stuff that Hubble sees.
3 - Those that think the Hubble is the "only" telescope. They are very surprised when I talk about Viking, Voyager, Gallieo, Giatto, Clementine, Keck, ...

It's possible your "Nemesis" is this last type: they've seen a news release photo of details on a comet and asumed it was Hubble when in fact it was a spacerobot fly-by.

Clear Skys

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2002-Jul-07, 02:04 PM
" picture elements are 300 kilometers accross "

That is what he doesn't understand. He seems to confuse the pictures of the whole comet including the tail and the lack of detailed pictures of the nucleus.(which , of course are not to be had) He wants to see the "missing" pictures of the nucleus with detail that would show features the size of a house.

Of course this guy also believes in Planet X/Nibaru.

2002-Jul-07, 04:51 PM
jaydee, I've been in a similar wrangle with a fellow who believes that the earth is hollow; to make things come out right, gravity has to be all wonky.

It turned out the guy ended his mathematical training in high school and has never used math (other than checkbook balancing) since.

I made up an Excel spreadsheet with some simple routines in it for calculating orbital and escape velocity for solid or hollow bodies and sent it to him. He didn't know how to use Excel! So, we had a short tutorial and he started doing some calculations. I don't know that it persuaded him that he was wrong, but it seems to have had some sort of effect; I haven't heard anything more about hollow planets. It might be worth a try to do something like that with your correspondent; a little spread sheet on optics. Actually, it would be good to just have virtual warehouse full of such things so you could pick and choose the ones you needed (now watch, somebody in the next post will have a link to exactly such a resource!)