View Full Version : We shall miss Arnold Palmer

2016-Sep-29, 12:41 AM
There are many famous Americans , and then there is and shall remain The King , Arnold Palmer . He was famous for his conduct on and off the golf course , a great game he enjoyed and shared all his life , and especially for the many works
and gifts he gave to Children charities. And so many many gifted people follow his example in giving back, in
paying it forward. And with that courage and commitment, he created the Golf Channel , a gift for the many who play the game.
Thank You, Arnold. See you on the back nine where it only rains after midnight .

Best regards,

2016-Sep-29, 12:50 AM
And...Arnie was an accomplished pilot, accumulating almost 20,000 hours as pilot in command, much of that in jets such as his Cessna Citation X (http://media.golfdigest.com/photos/55d4e79f4759c60c08239e58/master/w_757,h_505,c_limit/golfworld-2011-12-gwsl06_poy.jpg). That's more than many commercial pilots. For example"Sully" Sullenberger has about 20,000 hours in 40 years of flying.

Blue skies and wide fairways Mr. Palmer.