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2016-Nov-19, 10:20 PM
Human exploration of Mars has been ramping up in the past few decades. In addition to the eight active missions on or around the Red Planet, seven more robotic landers, rovers and orbiters are scheduled to be deployed there by the end of the decade. And by the 2030s and after, several space agencies are […]
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2016-Nov-19, 11:26 PM
22 millirads per day, which works out to 8000 rads per year

8000 millirads. That is, 8 rads. And Mars Odyssey measured the radiation in orbit, not on the ground.

Since Mars has such a thin atmosphere, radiation detected by Mars Odyssey would be roughly the same as on the surface.

This is not true. The surface radiation map used in the article illustrates how inaccurate it is. How about actually looking at what it says?


The areas of Mars expected to have the lowest levels of cosmic radiation are where the elevation is lowest, because those areas have more atmosphere above them to block out some of the radiation.

The colors in the map refer to the estimated annual dose equivalent in rems, a unit of radiation dose. The range is generally from 10 rems(color-coded dark blue) to 20 rems (color coded dark red). Radiation exposure for astronauts on the International Space Station in Earth orbit is typically equivalent to an annualized rate of 20 to 40 rems.

The Curiosity rover also carried radiation measurement equipment which gave results in line with these predictions. And even the most superficial of "terraforming" efforts, such as vaporizing polar CO2 deposits to increase atmospheric density (to improve aerodynamic braking effectiveness and reduce seasonal variations in the atmosphere, for example), would greatly improve the protection.

And...are you seriously suggesting remelting the core of Mars just to set up a magnetic field? Really?

2016-Nov-20, 01:18 AM
And...are you seriously suggesting remelting the core of Mars just to set up a magnetic field? Really?

We'll just send Aaron Eckhart down there to restarted the what-a-gimmick (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Core) to make a new magnetic field. :)