View Full Version : Looking For Commercials - Can Someone Help

2016-Dec-10, 09:32 PM
I'm trying to find a couple of Commercials and have looked all over Youtube but can't find them at all.

Canadian Tire Christmas Commercial 2005 featuring Gilbert Talking Dog. I believe there's 2 Commercials of these. 1 where Gilbert says "I Smell Gifts" and another in which he says "Nothing For Moi" in reference to no Christmas gifts for him. These Commercials also included him saying "I have a nose for value". I can't even find anything about Gilbert's history, let alone either of these ads. I've also tried contacting Canadian Tire, but they can't seem to locate these Commercials for some reason.

9 Lives Cat Food Commercial with Morris The Cat. There's a specific quote Morris says which is "I'd Rather Eat The Furniture". Once again, i've gone through all the Vintage 9 Lives Commercials on youtube but can't find this one. I can't even find evidence Morris did infact say this. But I do remember him saying it. I'm not actually sure what year this is from, but i'm thinking 90's. I tried contacting 9 Lives but they never replied back to me. I did hear back from Smuckers, but they were of no help at all.

Greek/Italian Commercial where a family sits at table to have a meal. Older lady smacks her husband and tells him to eat. Can't recall the brand for this Commercial, but it was Commercial for some kinda of food like Pizza or Lasagna i'm thinking. Tried searching but can't find this either or even what brand is called. This aired a few yrs back on TV.

Any help at all with any of these would be much appreciated.