View Full Version : Quadrantid Meteor Shower Peaks January 2-3

2016-Dec-30, 04:36 PM
The annual Quadrantid Meteor Shower is expected to peak during the night of 2017 JAN 02-03. Its radiant is in the no longer official constellation Quadrans Muralis which is now part of Bo÷tes. That is the direction toward which the meteor tails point, but the meteors are equally likely to appear anywhere in your sky. It is conjectured that the Quadrantids are debris from the asteroid 2003 EH1, which in turn may have been a castoff from comet C/1490 Y1.

The peak rate of the Quadrantids can be as great as the normally most prolific annual showers at possibly a hundred per hour for sharp eyed observers in dark skies. However the peak period of less than half a day is unusually short, thus implying a narrow stream of particles. The 2017 peak is expected on January 3 around 06 hr UT (00 hr CST).

The show begins after Bo÷tes rises, which is around local midnight for mid-northern hemisphere observers, but later in the southern hemisphere. It will continue through morning twilight. No interference is expected during the peak from the waxing crescent Moon which sets during the evening.

Descriptions of the shower or perhaps even lucky photos would be welcome additions to this thread. My calendar for the major meteor showers including Moon illumination data can be found at www.CurtRenz.com/asteroids.html