View Full Version : Finally, An Explanation for the Alien Megastructure?

2017-Jan-11, 08:10 PM
Back in October of 2015, astronomers shook the world when they reported how the Kepler mission had noticed a strange and sudden drop in brightness coming from KIC 8462852 (aka. Tabby’s Star). This was followed by additional studies that showed how the star appeared to be consistently dimming over time. All of this led to […]
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2017-Jan-11, 10:07 PM
Interesting possible explanation. Perhaps I don't have the whole picture (sure of that) but if this dimming and brightening of the star is due to leftover debris from a recently consumed planet, wouldn't the planetary debris be relatively close to the star and exhibit a more rapid cycle of dimming/brightening as it orbited it's sun? I'm assuming that the doomed planet was in a typical elliptical orbit which allowed it to slowly fall into the sun and not an oddball one that came in like a comet.