View Full Version : Red Dwarf Planets with High Obliquity: good for habitability?

Roger E. Moore
2017-Jan-13, 06:43 PM
I was looking over this abstract...


...and began to wonder if a red dwarf planet could avoid tidal locking by starting off with a rotation with high obliquity. If one pole was almost parallel to the orbital plane, would it be a good thing for habitability or a bad thing? This could happen from interaction with another body, just as Earth got a Moon.

I can see that in a close orbit, tidal interactions might lead to variable obliquity, but tidal locking would be avoided.

Roger E. Moore
2017-Jan-15, 12:36 AM

Maybe not so good, but some axial tilt would not necessarily hurt.

2017-Jan-17, 11:02 AM
I'm thinking this will have some interesting dynamic interactions: the star's gravity will cause the planet to precess, and the planet's internal damping will result in the least energy state being with the planet's obliquity being 0 or 180 degrees after a few tens of millions of years.