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2005-Feb-18, 05:23 PM
From the Food Standards Agency Website here in the UK

The Food Standards Agency is today advising people not to eat foods that have been inadvertently contaminated with an illegal dye, Sudan I. This dye was in a batch of chilli powder used by Premier Foods to manufacture a Worcester sauce, which was then used as an ingredient in a wide range of products

More on this link (http://www.food.gov.uk/news/newsarchive/2005/feb/worcester)

The complete list of products recalled (http://www.food.gov.uk/sudanlist)

If you have any of these products you are advised not to eat them and to get in touch with the supermarket where they were purchased

Luckily I am not affected as I did not have any of those products

2005-Feb-18, 08:44 PM
Both links inoperable (probably overloaded)

I'm wondering what you send back if you've actually eaten the products though 8)

2005-Feb-18, 08:52 PM
I wonder if any of these products "escaped" the UK.

I have used a few of these products from store shelves here, in Albuquerque, namely:

Seafood Sauce 250ml Bramwell
Worcester Sauce All sizes Crosse & Blackwell

(I would be fairly certain that the McDonalds Caesar dressing and the Heinz/Weight Watchers products are manufactured "locally" within the US.)

I like Crosse and Blackwell Worcester better than most brands, too.

2005-Feb-18, 09:17 PM
This appears to be a tempest in a teapot to me, despite it dominating our cable news channels.

As we know from reading the reports like those above, the fuss is about a quantity of banned food dye being placed in a single batch of chili powder which found its way into worcester sauce used in the products mentioned. (Well, that's what the TV news has been saying, I cannot vouch for that medium's--nor any other's--reliability.) Allegedly, the dye has shown a carcinogenic effect in "animal" testing (animal is a rather broad term). There is no established link to it causing cancer in humans (as many talking heads on the news have admitted) and the concentrations of it appearing in the recalled products are minute. The results of animal testing have not been expanded upon in any news reports, although they probably involve rodents bred specifically to develop higher-than-normal rates of cancer being subjected to high doses of the dye for extended periods and then inferring the relative risk statistically from the study. Maybe some BABB members more qualified to comment than I can better inform us.

Tobacco smoke is widely considered to be a human carcinogen, with an incidence of lung cancer in habitual smokers something like more than 20 times higher than the average. However, if you smoke a packet of cigarettes, are you going to die of cancer because of it?

2005-Feb-18, 09:24 PM
Good point.

Even if I knew that those products contained traces of red Sudan-1, that probably wouldn't stop me from eating them if I really liked them.

2005-Feb-18, 09:27 PM
Hopefully the risk of cancer isn't being as bloated as the old one about saccharin causing cancer in rats that were fed some two kilograms of the stuff...

2005-Feb-19, 08:26 AM
It does not matter how small the risk is.
It's illegal, end of story. This should not be in our food.

Sudan 1 aka C.I. solvent yellow 14 is used is a dye for oils, solvents, waxes, shoe polish, plastic.

2005-Feb-19, 11:34 AM
It does not matter how small the risk is.
It's illegal, end of story.
It's a non-story, requiring only a brief mention. Yesterday it dominated TV news (and probably today's papers, I have not yet checked).

I wonder if any of these products "escaped" the UK.
Is the substance even illegal in the US? It may not have been banned there.

Donnie B.
2005-Feb-20, 02:17 PM
If it hasn't been approved for use in food by the FDA, then it's illegal by default.