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2017-Jan-17, 08:40 AM
The 6th Annual Astronomy Challenge will be held sometime before the end of summer, 2017, if I can help it.

The Contest is Over, Wiley is the Winner!

1. To the nearest minute, how long does it take the Earth to go around the Sun?

2. Who was the last person to walk on the moon?

3. Who was the first poster to become a Bad PhD?

4. In what year was Albert Einstein awarded the Nobel Prize?

5. Prior to the middle of October, 2001, the BABB used another brand of bulletin board software. What was it?

6. Which gravity is stronger on the Earth, the Sun's or the moon's?

7. How many of the original Mercury 7 astronauts actually went up into space?

8. What is The Bad Astronomer's middle name?

9. How many planets can be seen with the naked eye?

10. What number am I thinking of right now?

This quiz is in the spirit of the Bricker challenges offered at the Straight Dope Bulletin Board. Final arbiter for all questions is myself, GrapesOfWrath. My answers may even change, if I am offered a reasonable explanation (or emolument, or emollient, whatever). Perhaps I'll even accept two different answers as correct--although the odds of that are extremely small right now. I will respond to all posts by editting the following list of attempts, scoring by who has how many right answers. I'll start off with an example. Please do not edit your posts--subsequent answers supercede previous ones. Poster who finally has all the right answers will be awarded the Raison of Mental Merit, and a dinner, fro me.

Part of the challenge is for the contestants to try and figure out the reasoning in the question. Sometimes, as is clear from this contest, a question can reasonably be interpreted two ways. But that is why you are allowed to change your answers--it is a combination of a test of trivia knowledge and twenty questions. You have to sometimes zero in on the answers.

We'll play again sometime.

Answers (https://forum.cosmoquest.org/showthread.php?1856-Astronomy-Challenge&p=25452#post25452)

[Updated scores, added and deleted notes, closed contest]

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2017-Jan-17, 04:15 PM
The 6th Annual Astronomy Challenge will be held sometime before the end of summer, 2017, if I can help it.Awesome! But I think you're using a different definition of "annual" than most people. ;)

2017-Jan-17, 06:16 PM
Unfortunately, the precedent was set last time, and uh it gotta outa control.

ETA: Besides, the Ultimate filled in, lasting from 2005 to 2013:

Thank you!

But you only got one right. :)

I want to take this opportunity to also thank glom (and 777 geek) for starting the The ULTIMATE Astronomy Quiz (http://www.bautforum.com/astronomy/18988-ultimate-astronomy-quiz.html), now up to over 3000 kilopi posts.