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2005-Feb-19, 02:48 AM
For the mature audience...

Phone Sex (http://dailynews.att.net/cgi-bin/news?e=pri&dt=050218&cat=strange&st=stranged88b6sv 00&src=ap)

Northwest British Columbia residents who dial a toll-free number in the phone book to check highway conditions are getting a red-hot reply from the blue pages listing.

"Ummm, baby, you've dialed the right number ...," a female voice says, followed by details that have nothing to do with roads or outdoor weather.
This happened a few times at my company. Mis-advertising an 800 number makes the world of difference. :lol:

Brady Yoon
2005-Feb-19, 03:45 AM
LOL that's some good stuff! But for the older crowd. :D

2005-Feb-19, 04:32 AM