View Full Version : Citizen Science and the Kuiper Belt

Roger E. Moore
2017-Feb-07, 12:36 AM
It is appealing to think of attempting (very modest) citizen science regarding things in the Kuiper Belt...

... but what?

I offer this thread as a springboard for ideas. Posting papers having to do with the Kuiper Belt might be good, with discussion.

Things that could be discussed here:

Mining and other uses for KBOs
Planet 9 or 10 or X or whatever
Past history of the KB
Geology and cryovolcanism
Dwarf planets in the KB
Nomenclature: KBOs, QB1s, fwotinos, plutinos, etc.
Resonances among KBOs
Strange KBOs
Neptune as it relates to KBOs
Wandering planets coming through the KB
Spacecraft missions to the KB (New Horizons, etc.)
Pluto and satellites
Scattered Disk
Oort Cloud
Interstellar travel and the KB/Oort Cloud
Cometary bombardments and mass extinctions from the KB

Unless we get the chance to scan photos taken by New Horizons, probably the most science we could do is mathematics, figuring out things perhaps no one has yet paid attention to. YMMV