View Full Version : Drone Captures Amazing Footage of Falcon 9 Landing

2017-Feb-20, 10:40 PM
Let’s just take a moment to admire how amazing it is when science fiction becomes routinely real: SpaceX CEO Elon Musk shared this amazing drone footage of the Falcon 9 rocketís first stage returning for a perfect landing after the launch of the Dragon capsule to the International Space Station. It drops flawlessly through the […]
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Roger E. Moore
2017-Feb-20, 10:41 PM
That... was pretty darn nice.

2017-Feb-20, 11:58 PM
Every time I see one of those landings from a distance I think "Nope. That's gonna be a small crater of expensive smoldering debris. The speed is too fast, the rocket too low. "

And then the durn thing comes to almost a standstill in mid air.


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2017-Feb-24, 10:00 PM
I want that drone a lot closer.