View Full Version : Planet 9 Canít Run Forever. Two Asteroids Give Up Some Clues

2017-Feb-22, 11:30 PM
Last year, Caltech astronomers Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin found indirect evidence for the existence of a large planet in the outer reaches of our Solar System — likely located out past Pluto — and since then, the search has been on. The latest research continues to show signs of an unseen planet, the hypothetical […]
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Kwalish Kid
2017-Feb-23, 05:02 PM
Planet 9 was so much cooler when it was planet 10.

2017-Feb-23, 08:57 PM
Didn't "Planet X" come about from the use of "x" as an unkonwn, rather than a Roman numeral?

2017-Feb-23, 10:05 PM
Yes. Pluto was Planet X before it was discovered.

Clyde Tombaugh: Astronomer Who Discovered Pluto (http://www.space.com/19824-clyde-tombaugh.html)

Instead of receiving constructive criticism, Tombaugh was instead offered a position at the observatory. The staff had been searching for an amateur astronomer to operate their new photographic telescope in search of, among other things, the mysterious Planet X.