View Full Version : Elon Musk Announces Daring SpaceX Dragon Flight Beyond Moon with 2 Private Astronauts

2017-Feb-27, 11:10 PM
KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL - Breaking News - Elon Musk, billionaire founder and CEO of SpaceX, announced today (27 Feb) a daring plan to launch a commercial manned journey to beyond the Moon and back in 2018 flying aboard an advanced crewed Dragon spacecraft paid for by two private astronauts - at a media telecon.
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2017-Feb-27, 11:40 PM
Now this is exciting news.;)

2017-Feb-27, 11:45 PM
Well, it took a while, but I guess Mr. and Mrs. Kirby (https://sfy.ru/?script=jp3) finally got to use their "two seats reserved aboard the first commercial moon flight". (Yes I know everything they bragged about doing in the movie was fake.)

(I see now that I already made this joke six years ago (https://forum.cosmoquest.org/showthread.php?115273-Space-Adventures-Wants-to-Fly-You-to-the-Moon).)

2017-Feb-28, 04:03 PM
The year after a successful orbit of the moon, they will land.

2017-Feb-28, 04:04 PM
You know it's true.

2017-Feb-28, 04:36 PM
Was never a fan of Mr Musk but at least he was doing something that has a substance, what with his cars and rocket launches - even if his "ideals" are fairly hypocritical.

Recently it seems he`s going into fantasy overdrive. I wonder why, perhaps the funds are low? So now we`re sending "private astronauts" (nice way to call some loaded Valley bozos) on Moon trips...in a year. Wohoo! (Never mind his current orbital operation being fairly shaky. Details, eh.)

Also, nevermind that Mars colonizing scheme - that was a good laugh too. But hey, he`s a "visionaire", no need to apply realism here. Eagerly awaiting his next announcement...

2017-Mar-03, 09:16 PM
I can see SLS launching something like Altair--and maybe Falcon Heavy launching a capsule.