View Full Version : SpaceX & NASA Studying 2020 Landing Sites For Dragon

2017-Mar-22, 06:40 PM
SpaceX and NASA have identified 4 possible locations for the first Dragon journey to Mars in 2020.
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2017-Mar-22, 07:09 PM
I'm still not sold on Mars. It's so far away and seems too much a gravity well. I'm still not convinced a stable workstation of some kind, a return to the (polar?) Moon and NEO missions aren't a lot more practical and sustainable.... But I guess we'll see. I really think deleting the asteroid capture appropriations is a terrible mistake, assuming it's for economics, and not out of concealed fears related to such missions. I would think this one would be 'no brainer', but it's easy to see why it could induce anxiety, or not be properly understood by some decision makers. Europa lander is a heart-breaker, but this asteroid business has way too many sales points to let it just slide. Anyway, Dragon seems like a wonderful endeavour. I just hope the initiative can be politically sustained.