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2005-Feb-23, 03:50 AM
Would it be possible, by use of a parabolic dish and some sort of sensor array, to create an image with sound waves? As in, loud things would be bright, quiet things would be dark, etc? I realize that there already exists Sonar and ultrasound imaging, but those both seem quite different from what I am thinking of. I suspect that the dish would have to be rather large, as would the sensor array, and that resolution would be pretty low if the imager were restricted to the audible range. I would like to build such a thing, if possible and not already done.

I apologize for my English, it is my second language at the moment. My first language is tired. :P I think I got my idea across, though. :)

EDIT: I suppose this might be better suited for the general discussion forum? Such an imager would have rather limited uses in the field of astronomy. :lol:

Space Monkey
2005-Feb-23, 04:34 AM
Echo location?

Bats? Dolphins?

I've seen a Computer Simulate what a echo locating robot "sees".
It looks alot like a B&W image run through a Chrome filter in photoshop.