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captain swoop
2005-Feb-23, 09:42 AM
Details on the Kevin Smith (http://kevinsmithshow.com/) show website

Derrel Sims is a former military police officer, former Korean National
Police officer, and formerly attached to the CIA. Over the years, he
has earned the name "Alien Hunter" because of his approach to the
subject of extraterrestrial entities.

Unlike many people who see extraterrestrials as wonderful beings who
are coming to earth to lead us into a new era of near eutopia, Sims
views them as malevolent entities who commit terrible crimes against
humans. And he approaches the subject of extraterrestrials like a
hunter approaches the hunted.

Sims, now a private investigator, will be speaking about his life and
work as an alien hunter on the Kevin Smith Show on Tuesday and
Wednesday (Feb. 22-23).

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Gullible Jones
2005-Feb-23, 01:50 PM
Seeing extraterrestrials as "hostile by default" is pure idiocy on an incredible scale.