View Full Version : Earth Beams From Between Saturnís Rings in New Cassini Image

2017-Apr-21, 05:00 AM
Cassini took this rare photo of the Earth and moon on April 12 just before the start of its daring Grand Finale mission this weekend.
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2017-Apr-21, 08:48 AM
A beautifully written article that manages to touch my heart, and the added video in the article itself on Cassini's Grand Finale definitely brought a lump of emotion to my throat. I think it's amazing we live in a time when we are fortunate to have been witness to all the breathtaking imagery and science from Cassini over the last many years. It certainly will be a bittersweet ending to say a final goodbye to the beloved spacecraft, but like Bob King says in his article, better for Cassini to burn up in Saturn's atmosphere than to risk contaminating a moon (especially Enceladus.) I can only wonder what Cassini's final image to Earth will be before it burns up in Saturn's clouds, gone for good.