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2017-Apr-21, 09:54 AM
I tried looking for a topic like this, but could not find anything recent or relevant enough, so decided to make a new one. As the title suggests, what space related dreams have you had recently or in the past that you remember vividly.

To break the ice, I'll relate one I had last night, which apparently took place on Venus, and I either had an exceedingly protective spacesuit or superpowers or both, as I was able to survive said planet's crushing pressure (which I still acknowledged nevertheless in the dream), but I must have forgotten protection from sulfuric acid rain. Apparently my spacesuit was able to power me skyward through the clouds, even parting them (somehow), but unfortunately it was not enough to let me escape Venus' atmosphere, and thus unable to avoid its sulfuric acid rain.

On a planetary side-note, every time I have ever dreamed about being at Jupiter, they always ended badly, usually with somehow being sucked into its Great Red Spot or being otherwise captured by its gravity and unable to escape. I like Jupiter a lot--it's a magnificent planet--but not in my dreams, because it always ends badly. :doh:

2017-Apr-21, 11:03 PM
Gosh, you get space? I only got being made Captain of a US Navy battleship. It was still a bit spacy, however.

2017-Apr-22, 02:28 AM
I did have a sort of space dream, the other week, something to do with escaping a bad situation. Aliens gonna get you....;)

2017-Apr-22, 09:17 PM

2017-Apr-27, 05:32 AM
I have dreams where I am flying. Not in space though.

2017-Apr-29, 05:26 PM
I had a TNG space dream once--with Cardassian ships about me.

2017-Apr-29, 05:42 PM
I had a dreamblast year thst turned into an arcade game for a while.