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2005-Feb-23, 11:18 PM
Anyone across the pond heard of this yet? The show has Claudia Christian from Babylon 5 (Ivanova) as Captain Belinda Blowhard and no that is not made up. :)

Basically the show is about a human future where in 3034 humans do not show emotion. Captain Blowhard is leading a ship hunting down the last of the remaining Reptids. The Reptids are planning on releasing a biological agent to give the humans emotions again. While travelling back in time chasing the Reptids the crew is struck by the agent. So they are now stuck in the 21st century with emotions that they have never had before and still have to track down the Reptids.

Here is the official page. (http://www.starhyke.com/)

Here is the first fan page. (http://www.starhykefans.co.uk/)

Edited: Put up a quick post at first in an attempt to not be Toseeked. :)

2005-Feb-24, 03:34 PM
Heck, I'm on this side of the pond and I never heard of this.
It sounds like some sort of stupid joke, but it probably isn't an intentional one. :roll:

2005-Feb-25, 01:59 AM
I get it, I get it! :)


The Bad Astronomer
2005-Feb-25, 05:29 AM
I think it's pretty obviously a comedy. Looking at the stills from the show, it looks that way to me.