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2005-Feb-24, 06:24 AM
CNN says: "New organism raises Mars questions (http://www.cnn.com/2005/TECH/science/02/23/bacterium.defrost.reut/index.html)"

I'm not sure. Perhaps the conclusion reached from the short article linked above is simply that some bacteria on Earth can live after being frozen for a very long time, so maybe also this could also happen on Mars. But this doesn't mean that there is life on (or in) Mars to begin with. Interesting though.

Manchurian Taikonaut
2005-Feb-24, 08:42 AM
a good story

On Mars it might just be possible, however NASA really doesn't want to stand behind something like this. The Space Agency is under enough pressure with budgets, mission inevstigation and safety inspections, the last thing they want is more pressure from the public about getting something off key about life on the Red Planet. NASA isn't going to say there's a chance for life there unless they truly have the evidence, plus there is a huge chance with tempertures and radiation that Mars is just a dead world.

I still have hope that NASA or some other agency is perhaps going to find something there, not complex life but perhaps primitive lifeform in a type of fossil remain or bacteria or something like that, it might just be possible for this to happen. The Vikings were great missions, and the Rovers have been very good, I think the next mission calls for a drill machine to dig below the surface.

2005-Feb-24, 03:25 PM
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