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2005-Feb-24, 03:26 PM
Westnet.com.au: Perth Night Sky (http://members.westnet.com.au/astroventures/page6.html)

Jupiter can be seen in the constellation of Virgo from around mid-evening this month, as a very bright star-like object, rising in the eastern sky. The planet will be OCCULTED by the Moon on Feb 27, at around 2300 WAST.

Not visible from the UK :( (again!) but observers in southern Oz should see a full occultation while more northern parts can see a grazing occultation.

Edit: More details (http://mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk/blobrana/nmonth/index.html)

The 89% lit Moon will again be close to Jupiter on 27th at around 2300 WAST when the two will rise about 2 apart and get to be only 1 apart in the early hours of 28. An occultation of the planet will be visible from Antarctica. A grazing occultation will be visible from part of Australia along an arc from Melbourne to central Western Australia. For places south of this line, such as Adelaide and Kalgoorlie a total occultation will be visible.

And more here. (http://home.mira.net/~reynella/skywatch/ssky.htm#Occult)

A Thousand Pardons
2005-Feb-26, 10:45 AM
Those of us here will get to watch the moon approaching Jupiter during their evening rise. Tomorrow night, the moon will be past.

2005-Feb-26, 04:18 PM
Ok, this is ya'lls chance to make up for my flub of this. I got my movie of the ocultation digitized but it's really lousy so hopefully somebody (or everybody!) can do it right down there. Don't try to learn how to use your cameras the night of the event, like I did. #-o