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2017-May-21, 12:07 AM
Stunning Ice Age rock art vandalised by modern graffiti (http://siberiantimes.com/other/others/news/stunning-ice-age-rock-art-vandalised-by-modern-graffiti/)
Found: dragon and griffin megaliths 'dating back 12,000 years to end of Ice Age, or earlier' (http://siberiantimes.com/other/others/features/found-dragon-and-griffin-megaliths-dating-back-12000-years-to-end-of-ice-age-or-earlier/)

Never seen any in these particular styles. Dragon might just be pareidolia, but Griffon looks real.

-Note to mods. I hope Petroglyphs count as geology. General science felt wrong. Move as you will.

2017-May-21, 11:09 AM
Petroglyphs are anthropology and archaeology, I am fairly certain. But interesting and unfortunate (the graffiti). Thanks, Squink.


2017-May-21, 11:14 AM
Both the 'dragon' and 'griffin' look like normal erosion/spalling of granitic rocks. I'd need corroboration of actual human manipulation of the rocks before I buy into them being artifacts.

2017-May-21, 06:44 PM
That or something that suggested a shape was carved--or mmaybe just a bit. The second one certainly looks all natural. The first has pretty good edges--for whatever that is worth.

2017-May-22, 11:47 AM
The second link has clear petroglyphs. Some of the pictures are uncaptioned, but I like to think the people are cleaning up garbage as opposed to spray painting, but who knows. I wonder if something was lost in translation.

2017-May-22, 12:38 PM
I think I'll delete The Siberian Times from my list of credible sources.

2017-May-23, 12:41 AM
You damp the noise too hard, you get no signal.