View Full Version : Are Aliens Communicating with Neutrino Beams?

2017-Jun-01, 06:31 PM
In a new article, Dr. Morris Jones of METI International proposed expanding our search for evidence of intelligent life by examining more exotic forms of communication
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2017-Jun-02, 09:28 AM
Its an interesting article, thanks.

What bothers me, (well not really bothers but makes me think) regardless whether or not E.T uses some exotic form of communication surely they would have already used radio waves in the past, or at least know about it. Which means they would/should be able to detect us (obviously all just speculation). A bit like in the past when we used carrier pigeons or smoke signals or some other crude method.

2017-Jun-02, 08:49 PM
Some talk about this already--for communicating with subs

In fact--a demonstration has been done:

What scares me is what this could do to space launch.

Com-sats would be obsolete--and a big bit of space-funding vanishes right there. Ugh!