View Full Version : One for Sox fans...

2005-Feb-25, 06:19 PM
The Derek Jeter Center? Oh man...

Ok, fixed now (http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2005/baseball/mlb/specials/spring_training/2005/02/25/bc.bba.derekjetercenter.ap/index.html?cnn=yes)

W.F. Tomba
2005-Feb-25, 07:19 PM
How about the Sore Loser Center?

P.S. Your link's messing up the page.

2005-Feb-25, 07:20 PM

For the page bust, i apologize, gimme a few and I'll fixee quick..

2005-Feb-25, 08:00 PM
Hahahaha, that's funny!

2005-Feb-25, 08:24 PM
I suspect that they couldn't legally name it that without Jeter's permission. Perhaps he'd give it to kind of stick it to Boston fans, but I'd guess that he wouldn't.

(note the recent media frenzy over Sox-Yankees comments, and Jeter's decision (among others) to stay above the fray.)

2005-Feb-26, 12:32 AM
Link to article (http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2005/baseball/mlb/specials/spring_training/2005/02/25/bc.bba.derekjetercenter.ap/index.html)

It has now been officailly rejected. "Derek Jeter" has been deemed too vulgar and obscene. I couldn't agree more.

2005-Feb-26, 01:06 AM
Vulgar and obscene? I think I would have given a better excuse...