View Full Version : Letís Clean up the Space Junk with Magnetic Space Tugs

2017-Jun-21, 07:40 PM
After 50 years of sending rockets, satellites, and payloads into orbit, humanity has created something of a “space junk” problem. Recent estimates indicate that there are more than 170 million pieces of debris up there, ranging in size from less than 1 cm (o.4 in) to a few meters in diameter. Not only does this […]
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2017-Jun-22, 12:46 AM
That's OK if there is a lot of ferrous metal up there, but I don't think so. Lots of much better metals and light than steel.

Noisy Rhysling
2017-Jun-22, 02:08 AM
How close would we have to get to a ferrous object to attract it to our magnet? Space is kinda big, or so I hear.

2017-Jun-22, 03:21 AM
I don't think they mean to suck up debris with a magnet, I believe they use a magnet in a chase down vehicle to change it's orientation to the target via magnetic forces.