View Full Version : June New Moon Spotting

2017-Jun-22, 03:44 PM
Itís nearly time for my monthly New Moon spotting challenge. For observers in the Americas, the Moon will be about a day old after sunset on Saturday, June 24. However, the current celestial geometry will make sighting it difficult. Folks are likely to have better luck the next evening.

My preview graphics and more detailed article can be found at www.CurtRenz.com/moon.html

Photos and descriptions of the young crescent Moon this month would be welcome additions to this thread.

Below is a photo that I shot from Arlington Heights, Illinois of a two-day-old Moon on 2008 JUL 04 at 21:21 CDT.


2017-Jun-27, 02:02 AM
Here is one from Spruce Knob, West Virginia, on Sunday, June 25 at 9:26 EDT. Earthshine was just starting to show before being lost in clouds.

2017-Jun-27, 02:01 PM
Nice shot, Hornblower. The cloud and tree make it especially interesting. Thanks for sharing.

2017-Jun-27, 03:54 PM
I saw a very tiny crescent in the sky over Manhattan yesterday, Monday the 26th. It was beautiful but the only camera I had on me was my phone and I knew it wouldn't do it justice.