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2017-Jun-30, 03:16 PM
We should be hearing a lot more of this company in the coming months and years. Especially if they can get up to their launch rate of once every three days.

Here is an article of the founder as well as the company.


"In 1999, at 18, Beck did something most people would consider very stupid. After checking out books from the library to learn how to make his own fuel, he set up a laboratory in a backyard shed and set to work on a rocket engine. Lacking a hazmat suit, he wrapped himself in plastic bags and put on a welding helmet as he distilled peroxide and other chemicals.
After successfully testing one of his engine designs, he decided it was time for a proper adventure. He strapped the engine to the back of a custom-built bicycle, dressed himself in a red jumpsuit and white helmet, and fired up a trial run in a local parking lot. Leaning forward in a near-prone position, he managed to reach about 90 miles an hour. To slow himself down, he first sat upright, allowing wind resistance to do some of the work lest the brake pads or wheels melt. “Only a few people on the planet have put their legs inside a rocket,” Beck says. “It’s a very good feeling.”"

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2017-Jul-01, 12:27 AM
Looks neat for launching small stuff, though they will need to get the cost down a lot to be able to compete with SpaceX, 50,000 pounds at $30 million is about 1/16 the cost per pound of 500 pounds at $5 million