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2017-Jul-31, 10:21 PM
Oh heck - Brilliant American playwright and actor Sam Shepard just died.

I loved that guy; even though I only ever saw him in one role: as General Chuck Yeager (my 3rd. all-time hero) in the movie "The Right Stuff". I've seen him in others of course - in "Blackhawk Down" and "Steel Magnolias" but that is the one I remember him for.
He was tough, masculine, handsome. He was also intelligent, thoughtful and presented a serene, gentle and commanding personality onscreen.

To my own disappointment I never had the opportunity to experience any of Mr. Shepard's plays; I love the theater but I've never managed to see any. I'm told his writing was superb and realistic. It is now my mission to wait until one of his plays is performed locally - I want to see his creative work.

Let's raise a glass to a fine man and a good actor - and to remember him this video shows him in my favourite role of his - Chuck Yeager breaking the sound barrier. :)


(Oh - and I should say that just because of this scene which I saw as a young lad just starting flight training, any time in the last 30 years I've climbed into the cockpit of an aircraft, I have always - and I DO mean always - slipped a strip of Beeman's between my teeth as part of my preflight. Joke about pilots' superstition all you want but the one time I chewed a piece of Juicy Fruit instead my flap actuator failed - forcing a hasty return to YKF. Beeman's; young pilots - stick to Beeman's. Trust me on this. ;) )

Good on ya Sam - put the spurs to 'er and head for the dark part of the sky!

2017-Aug-01, 07:14 PM
Such a scene! And what a score!

2017-Aug-03, 09:57 PM
Such a scene! And what a score!

Yes - and what a man. :)

2017-Aug-08, 04:46 PM
It's arrived. Region free blu-ray. Way earlier than they originally said.

2017-Aug-08, 06:07 PM
It's arrived. Region free blu-ray. Way earlier than they originally said.

I initially misread that as Religion-free. :)

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2017-Sep-02, 09:16 PM
Ridley really screwed that janitor by taking his broom handle. That guy's poor back.

2017-Sep-02, 10:28 PM
The Mercury 7 got a salary of $190,000 in 2017 dollars. That's 160,000 or 145,000 or CAN$235,000 or 21,000,000.

2018-May-15, 03:43 PM
Tom Wolfe ist tot.

grant hutchison
2018-May-15, 04:03 PM
Tom Wolfe ist tot.Bizarrely, a Google search on "Tom Wolfe dead" currently is headed by a box containing his photo, date of death, and cause of death given as "Fire". I suspect a neural network somewhere needs a little more training.

Grant Hutchison

2018-May-15, 04:04 PM
RIP, Sam