View Full Version : Mysterious radio source at galaxy's core

2005-Mar-02, 08:42 PM
Powerful Bursting Radio Source Discovery Points to New Class of Astronomical Objects (http://www.physorg.com/news3231.html)

Astronomers at Sweet Briar College and the Naval Research Laboratory have detected a powerful new bursting radio source whose unique properties suggest the discovery of a new class of astronomical objects. The researchers have monitored the center of the Milky Way Galaxy for several years and reveal their findings in the March 3, 2005 edition of the journal, "Nature."

2005-Mar-02, 09:37 PM
"When completed, the LWA may uncover hundreds of previously unknown radio transients, some of which may be examples of Jupiter-like planets orbiting other stars," Kassim added. Jupiter is the most famous example of a nearby radio transient.

Yet another method for detecting extra-solar planets?