View Full Version : Comet 24P/Schaumasse Visible in Small Telescopes

2017-Oct-07, 07:26 PM
The periodic (8.25 years) Comet 24P/Schaumasse is expected to peak at magnitude +9.4 on 2017 NOV 17 and should be visible in small telescopes. The date is also that of its perihelion of 1.2063 AU, and precedes its closest approach to Earth at 1.3312 AU on 2018 APR 20.

It’s currently seen in the predawn sky at magnitude +10.4 in the constellation Leo, and will head into Virgo in mid-November.

I’ve created two preview graphics and an ephemeris which can be viewed on my Comets webpage: www.CurtRenz.com/comets.html

Photos and descriptions of the comet would be welcome additions to this thread.