View Full Version : SuperMoons 2015-2034

2017-Dec-02, 06:26 AM
The media are once again getting hyperbolic about SuperMoons. The one they're promoting this Sunday isn’t even on my list of the 10 greatest angular diameter Full Moons of 2015-2034. However the Full Moon coming early the following month is #3.

Also note that the widest Full Moons are not necessarily the brightest. Factors to be considered for brightness other than nearness to Earth are nearness to Sun and nearness to Ecliptic. The brightest Full Moon over the next year will be the Lunar Eclipse in late January, at the moments before entering and after leaving the Earth’s penumbra. The brightest Full Moon during 2015-2034 will occur at the moments just outside the Lunar Eclipse of January 2019, but it is not on my list of the 10 Full Moons with the greatest angular diameters. Also note that the widest Full Moon during that period will occur in January 2034 but does not appear in the list of the 10 brightest.


2017-Dec-02, 08:43 AM
This trend is probably due to the word supermoon being enticing clickbait.

I read the news today, oh boy...