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2017-Dec-02, 07:58 AM
Icarus: Relevance of tidal heating on large TNOs (http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0019103517303858)

We examine the relevance of tidal heating for large Trans-Neptunian Objects, with a focus on its potential to melt and maintain layers of subsurface liquid water. Depending on their past orbital evolution, tidal heating may be an important part of the heat budget for a number of discovered and hypothetical TNO systems and may enable formation of, and increased access to, subsurface liquid water. [...] We find cases where TNO systems experience tidal heating that is a significant proportion of, or greater than radiogenic heating for periods ranging from100′s of millions to a billion years. For subsurface oceans that contain a small antifreeze component, tidal heating due to very high initial spin states may enable liquid water to be preserved right up to the present day.

Like Pluto, Eris.

2017-Dec-03, 01:21 AM
Someone wants more targets for their cryobot