View Full Version : Death of Peggy Cummins - star of Noir Film "Gun Crazy"

2018-Jan-06, 10:06 AM
Peggy Cummins, who has died aged 92, had a pretty slim career. But she was known for starring in the "influential low-budget film noir “Gun Crazy,”

Martin Scorsese & Jay Cocks (Film Critic) wrote an appreciation of the film describing her part thus - “Cummins plays one of those pure noir incarnations of the id, evil in a tight skirt.”. They called the film “a great movie that never set out to be one,” noting that it “caught the delirium of crime and matched it up with a special kind of sexual heat.” The film was scripted by Dalton Trumbo, Roman Holiday, Spartacus, Papillon etc etc, under another writers name because he was "blacklisted". The most famous scene is the largely improvised 3 1/2 minute shot of a bank robbery from the back of the getaway car.

I first saw this film around 30 years ago and it is an excellent, if obviously shot on a tight budget, example of black & white film noir - and she was great in it.